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These prizes are considered as the highest scientific recognition in Colombia, not only for the high qualifications of those who have received them but also for the rigorousness of the juries that have awarded them year after year.

Mr. Alejandro Angel Escobar established in his will:

“The prizes are to be assigned to truly deserving works, entitled to the degree of excellence, if not absolutely, then at least under the cultural relativity of the country. It is not my wish that the least bad but the really good be awarded.”

The above has been the norm followed by the Foundation.

The prizes consist of money, a silver engraved medal, and a diploma.

Silver medal

The Board of Directors chooses a Jury every year for the Science and the Solidarity Prizes, composed each of individuals of the highest professional conditions. The decisions made by the Juries are promulgated by the Board of Directors and, once adopted, are not appealable.

Science Prizes

Annually, one prize in each of the following fields is awarded to fully completed works undertaken by Colombian citizens:

Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences. To distinguish research that makes significant contributions to the advancement of science. In a broad sense, applied investigations in these areas are also accepted, if they have a direct impact in the welfare of society.

Social Sciences and Humanities. To exalt investigations that makes a creative and rigorous contribution to the field and responds to the realities of contemporary Colombian society.

Environment and Development. To commend scientific research endeavors that contribute to the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources and the environment. It can be awarded to studies in fields such as conservation and sustainable use of ecosystems and biodiversity; developments in biotechnology and organic agriculture, clean production technologies, water treatment systems, and alternative sources of energy among others.

Solidarity Prizes

Two prizes are awarded annually to non-governmental, non-profit organizations working or promoting social services such as education, health, nutrition, employment, housing or recreation in social sectors of the Colombian population that are deprived of such. The provision of these services should be done with a great sense of respect for the human being as of social solidarity. The prizes can also be given to institutions that work to dignify the living conditions of Colombians.

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